2013 Grant Recipients Showcase:

Fair Oaks Elementary. Principal Jon Pierce, teachers Lynn Quinones and Julie Posey

Fair Oaks Elementary: Principal Jon Pierce, teachers Lynn Quinones & Julie Posey

"Thank you very much for this wonderful news! We at Sequoia very much appreciate the ongoing support from The Foundation."

Connie Cirimeli, Principal
Sequoia Middle School

Gregory Gardens Elementary Recipients

"Thank you so much!!!"

Dr. Angela Walker, Principal
Pleasant Hill Elementary

Hidden Valley Elementary: teachers Jenny Welch and Mary Crothers

"On behalf of College Park I want to thank the Board of the Foundation for Pleasant Hill Education for funding the grants submitted by our teachers."

Paul Gengler, Principal
College Park High School

College Park High School Recipients

"We are very thankful and grateful to the Foundation!"

Marji Calbeck, Principal
Valhalla Elementary

Valhalla Elementary Recipients

"We are thrilled about this outcome!"

Cheryl Kolano, Principal
Gregory Gardens Elementary

2013 Grants Overview

FPHE Awards 2013 Grants to Pleasant Hill Schools

PLEASANT HILL – In May 2013, the Foundation for Pleasant Hill Education (FPHE) awarded just short of $38,000 to support educational activities in Pleasant Hill public schools. The grants were funded by FPHE’s 2013 Annual Campaign and various other 2013 fundraisers. Since 2009, FPHE has awarded over $157,000 and 187 grants to the eleven public schools within the College Park High School feeder pattern.

This year, the Foundation awarded 37 grants. Every school that requested a grant received one. FPHE grants are awarded based on a combination of criteria including the number of students impacted and the contribution to or support of language arts, math, science, or other key curriculum areas.

A detailed list can be found below. FPHE thanks and applauds all 2013 donors and our business partners for placing a high priority on local education and realizing that strong schools benefit the entire community.

2013 Grants Awarded

College Park High School

  • WARD’S Ecosystem: Oil Spill Cleanup lab program (Environmental Science classes)
  • Technology grant (Special Education Department)
  • Stage/performance tools and supplies (Theater Arts Department)

Pleasant Hill Middle School

  • Student Response System clickers (6th Grade)
  • Classroom sets of core literature: Boy of the Painted Cave and Rats of NIHM (6th Grade)
  • Technology grant (Language Department)
  • Stage lighting (School-wide use)
  • Multi-Use Room sound system (School-wide use)

Sequoia Middle School

  • Density Inquiry set (Science Department)
  • Classroom set of Almanacs (6th Grade)
  • World religions program (6th Grade)
  • Nook tablets (6th Grade)
  • TV monitors for Raspberry Pi systems(Computer Science Department)
  • Stage lighting (School-wide use)

Valley View Middle School

  • Video camera and accessories (Computer Technology Department)
  • Class set of English-Spanish dictionaries
  • Technology grant
  • Classroom literature sets: My Brother Sam is Dead and Nothing But the Truth (8th Grade)

Fair Oaks Elementary

  • Want to Soar early readers and online program (Kindergarten)
  • African Ngoma drum (Music Department)

Gregory Gardens Elementary

  • A Place for Everyone classroom carpet (3rd Grade)
  • Technology grant
  • Water Water Everywhere ecology program (5th Grade)

Hidden Valley Elementary

  • Class sets of flash drives (5th Grade)
  • USA Studies weekly history magazine (5th Grade)

Pleasant Hill Elementary

  • SRA Reading Lab (1st Grade)
  • Technology grant
  • Fruit trees, wood, and gardening supplies (5th Grade)

Strandwood Elementary

  • Singapore math practice books (1st Grade)
  • Scholastic News science and social studies weekly (1st Grade)
  • Technology grant
  • Music supplies and instruments (Music Department)

Valhalla Elementary

  • Being a Writer book sets (2nd Grade)
  • Technology grant
  • Assistive technology grant (Special Education Department)