2015 Annual Campaign

FPHE's 7th Annual Campaign -- 2015 Campaign Goal: $60,000: FPHE needs your financial support to meet our Annual Campaign goal and support our schools. Since 2009, we have awarded over $200,000 in grants to our schools, successfully funding a wide range of items/programs our schools would otherwise not be able to afford. $75 is the suggested donation; however donations of all amounts are greatly appreciated. FPHE fundraising is solely dependent upon community donations.

Suggested Donation: $75 or more
Contributions benefit our community, enhance our schools, and help counteract California budget cuts. Your donation will directly impact schools.

Why Give? Strong Schools Benefit You
Strong schools greatly benefit students, but they also help increase property values for all residents as more homebuyers want to be a part of our community’s dedication to supporting local education. A strong K-12 school system is an investment in the future of our entire community.

Since 2009, thanks to community support, FPHE has awarded grants for:

• Books for entire grade levels: reference, biographies, literature pieces, early readers

• Classroom equipment and technology: maps, graphing calculators, DNA research tools, lab equipment, interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, PC stations, social studies and science periodicals

• Curriculum support: math, science, and literature programs, “living history” programs, outdoor ecology programs

• The Arts: musical instruments and supplies, stage lighting, art materials, stage production supplies

Be a Part of Progress - Donate Today for the Future of Pleasant Hill Schools Please donate below or mail your donation to FPHE, P.O. Box 23851, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523. Thank you for your commitment to education and our community.

The Foundation for Pleasant Hill Education

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A copy of the Annual Campaign flyer can be printed by clicking here. This form includes a donation form which can be sent to the following address or use the button above to use a major credit card. Non-profit Tax ID#26-2326345

P.O. Box 23851
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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We hope you will consider sharing this endeavor with us. We would appreciate your support whether in volunteering to assist us in our various activities, participating in these activities or your donations. If you would like e-mail updates on our progress or would like to volunteer please email us @ contact@fphe.org to get on our list.