2011 Grants Overview

FPHE Awards 2011 Grants to Pleasant Hill Schools

On May 23, 2011 the Foundation for Pleasant Hill Education (FPHE) awarded $40,000 to support educational activities in Pleasant Hill public schools. The grants represent a significant contribution of funds to enhance educational opportunities for Pleasant Hill students while schools simultaneously combat ongoing education spending cuts. The total of this year’s awards is $10,000 more than what FPHE awarded in 2010. Since 2009, FPHE has awarded 96 grants to Pleasant Hill public schools, totaling $85,000.

FPHE thanks and applauds this year’s contributors for placing a high priority on local education and realizing that strong schools benefit the entire community.

2011 Grants Awarded

This year, the Foundation received 70 grant requests and awarded 45 grants to the 11 public schools in Pleasant Hill. Every school that requested a grant received one. FPHE grants are awarded based on a combination of criteria, including the number of students impacted and the contribution to or support of language arts, math, science, or other key curriculum areas. This year, grant awards went to kindergarten through high school programs for the purchase of literature and research books, math programs, history programs, interactive science programs and materials, music and art programs, and computer hardware and software for use with academic programs. A detailed list can be found below.:

College Park High School
• Graphing calculators for Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus Classes
• Classroom sets of No Fear Shakespeare for the English Department
• Biomedical DNA Research Tools for the Science Department
• Sets of Othello, New York Times Upfront Magazine, and Grammar Books

Pleasant Hill Middle School
• Document Camera & 2 LCD Projectors for Math & Social Studies Departments
• Sets of Walk Two Moons for the 6th Grade
• Ace Maestro Music Instruction Software
• eInstruction CPS Pulse and Mobiview System for Multiple Teachers
• Electronic Book Collection for Library Program
• DLP Projectors for the 6th Grade

Sequoia Middle School
• iPad for the Established iPad iLearn Science Program
• Sets of The World Almanac for 6th Grade
• Mimio Interactive and Capture Equipment for Interactive Use with White Boards
• Camcorders for Language Arts and Social Studies Hands-On Programs

Valley View Middle School
• Sets of The Master Puppeteer for 7th Grade
• 37 Pre-Algebra Software Programs for the Computer Lab
• eInstruction Mobiview System for Multiple Teachers

Fair Oaks Elementary
• Six Drums for School-Wide Music Program
• Wall Mounted Display Cases for School

Gregory Gardens Elementary
• Sets of Esperanza Rising for 4th Grade
• Classroom World Map for 5th Grade
• Classroom set of U.S. History Maps for 5th Grade
• Sets of Thesauruses for the 3rd Grade
• Sets of Strega Nona and Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears for 2nd Grade
• Document Camera and Docking Station

Hidden Valley Elementary
• Sets of Thesauruses for the 3rd Grade
• Variety of Chapter Books for the 4th Grade
• Variety of Chapter Books for the 5th Grade

Pleasant Hill Elementary
• Four Sets of Document Cameras, LCD Projectors, & Equipment for Board Language and Walk to Language for the 3rd and 4th Grade

Sequoia Elementary
• SRA Reading Program for the 4th Grade
• SRA Reading Program for the 2nd Grade

Strandwood Elementary
• Books and Materials for the Read & Dream Program
• Wireless Intercom System for Theatrical Stage Productions
• Mobiview CPS Student Response Pads for use with Mobiview System
• AAC Communication System for Students with Limited Verbal Abilities

Valhalla Elementary
• Sets of Island of the Blue Dolphins for the 4th Grade
• 30 Instructional DVDs for Multiple Subjects for 5th Grade Programs
• Native Bird Connections Program for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade
• Read Naturally Program for Special Ed Science and Social Studies Instruction
• Document Cameras for School-Wide Art Program

Millenium Mile
• Funding for the 11th Annual, 4th & 5th Grade, MDUSD Millennium Mile Track Meet. The meet is a competition for the top four runners from all elementary schools.